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Do You have A Vaccination Card? World Immunization Week #VaccinesWork

Illinois gymnast shows off Covid-19 vaccination card …

 · (CNN)A member of the University of Illinois Men’s Gymnastics team celebrated his vault landing by showing off his Covid-19 vaccination card. After …
Here’s how to get the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in North Texas
Why COVID-19 vaccination cards are being forged
 · The need for proof of vaccination has led to forged vaccination cards. Americans who don’t want to get the shot, but want the privilege of showing a card may be tempted to get a fake. IE 11 is
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Don’t laminate your COVID vaccination card before …

 · Related: ‘It’s not just about what’s on that card’: Don’t post your COVID-19 vaccination card on social media — here’s why Enterprising vendors on Etsy ETSY, +1.48% and Amazon AMZN
Vaccine cards for V’zuelan children
Lost your vaccination card? Here’s what to do
 · When you do receive your vaccination card, don’t post a selfie, watchdog groups say. According to the Better Business Bureau, posting your vaccination card on …
Pfizer sends COVID-19 vaccine supplies to East Texas hospital ahead of authorization

Vaccination cards. What’s a COVID-19 vaccination card …

Save your vaccination records DOH has an immunization registry known as My Immunization Registry (MyIR) . If you lose your record card, you can log in to view your vaccination records.
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Don’t Lose Or Throw Away Your Coronavirus Vaccination …

 · As more Americans get vaccinated, the CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card is a symbol of hope for some. But most importantly, it’s proof. “It’s proof that you received the vaccine.
US govt to issue wallet-sized COVID-19 proof of vaccination cards | News | LifeSite

Krispy Kreme will give you a free doughnut every day this …

 · All you need to show is your vaccination card to redeem your doughnut — a vaccine sticker is not valid. And it’s not just a one-time offer. Vaccinated individuals can go back every single day
Microsoft and Oracle are working on digital COVID-19 vaccine cards

What should you do if you lose your vaccine card?

 · Here’s how to get a new card. Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa holds his vaccination card after receiving his first shot of the Moderna COVID …
Just the Vax: Keeping Track of Your Child's Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccination record card and a blue pen on …

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How Scammers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Cards
Notices Vaccination appointment Due to the strong demand for COVID-19 vaccinations in Singapore and limited supplies, we seek your understanding that there may be limited slots available at your preferred location. However, we wish to inform you that there are
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What should you do with your COVID-19 vaccination …

Although the CDC vaccine card is not required currently for travel, the card may be necessary to show proof of vaccination to a future employer if you start a new job. As additional COVID-19 variants develop, the CDC vaccination card may also be useful to confirm which vaccine and lot was received should “booster” doses later be required.
Got a COVID vaccine? Why you shouldn’t post your vaccine card online -
IOTA Zebra Vaccination Card Demo
To ensure any vaccination certification system does not restrict participation (such as with a mobile application based certificate only), a physical certifi
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Blank COVID Vaccination Card
Whatever you do, do not use this to falsify your vaccination records. That’d be terrible. Also, ironically enough, I found a few lot numbers and related information which could be used to nefariously fill out the card: Pfizer BioNTech EK 5730 Pfizer BioNTech EH 9899
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Your vaccination will be free of charge. Vaccinations are voluntary in Switzerland. There are no plans for compulsory vaccination. National COVID-19 vaccination info-line (every day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.): +41 58 377 88 92
Better Business Bureau: Don’t share your COVID-19 vaccine card on social media

The Best Coupon In Your Wallet? Your Vaccination Card …

 · Your Vaccination Card Krispy Kreme , cheesecake, fries, arcade tokens—proof of a shot means freebies and discounts, and vaccinated people are …