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SANCTI TIGRIS)這把特制猛虎呼應了大自然的暴戾之美。 圣潔猛虎 是武器 猛虎 的 新世間 集團定制版本,SANCTI TIGRIS)這把特製猛虎呼應了大自然的暴戾之美。totalDamage 210 magazineSize 2 damagePerShot DT_IMPACT: 21 DT_PUNCTURE: 21 DT_SLASH: 168 criticalChance 0.15000001 productCategory LongGuns omegaAttenuation 0.94999999
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The Sancti Tigris is a Tigris variant available only from New Loka. Featuring increased damage, reload speed, and critical chance, the Sancti Tigris also com
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Sancti Tigris : Warframe
Tigris Prime is definitely far superior for high level missions (sorties, long endless runs, raids, etc.) but Sancti Tigris reloads a LOT faster, and has plenty of damage for star chart missions, so it’s still handy to take into lower level missions for the faster killing.
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Sancti Tigris question.. : Warframe
As someone who had a 5 forma Tigris pre-buff, and brings his 5 forma Sancti Tigris to practically every mission nowadays: you’re almost always better off firing both rounds and reloading. With Seeking Fury, a sigle click should basically one shot every enemy in front
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Sancti Tigris, should you upgrade?
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100% status tigris prime is far superior to sancti tigris in terms of damage. Sancti is better for lvl 60 – 100 due to reload speed and 1shot everything there. Tigris prime can scale better with a viral/slash build, or even a corrosive/blast.
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Sancti Tigris 100 k Dps
 · 50k per shot_100k DPS_1.2m punish through_19k slashing damage. 3 formas
How does a good Vaykor Hek/Sancti Tigris build looks like in the actual meta? : Warframe
Sancti tigris vs tigris prime
Sancti tigris vs tigris prime From the wiki: The Prime is better in everyway other than a slower reload, lower crit chance and no Purity explosion. Tigris Prime, compared to the Sancti Tigris: Higher base damage (1,560.0 vs. 1260.0). Higher Impact damage (156.0 vs
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概要 TIGRISのPRIME版。説明文の通り美術品のような豪奢な裝飾が特徴的。 通常版と比べると,Warframe | Sancti Tigris BUILD - YouTube
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Sancti Tigris Build 2018 (Guide) - Double Barreled Purification (Warframe Gameplay)
Lets Max (Warframe) 90
In Episode 90 we take a look at an upgraded version of an already powerful shotgun, the New Loka’s Sancti Tigris!Patreon:
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Sancti Tigris Build
Sancti Tigris Build Sancti Tigris Build Build con una mod primed quindi discretamente costosa ottima per lv bassi (fino a 60/70) e modesta per lv medi. REATTORE [SI] || FORMA [x3] IMPACT [1236.659] PUNCTURE [1236.659] SLASH [21765.190] HEAT [7419
.: Sancti Tigris build by Engraphos
Vaykor Hek and Sancti Tigris
A bigger, better Tigris? What is this madness?Also a smaller, slightly worse Hek? Well, you can’t improve on perfection.Warframe is free on steam or warframe
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Tigris Prime Build 2020 Guide
If you are looking for Warframe Tigris Prime build 2019, then here is our epic guide which will help you to know more about the best build for it. The Tigris Prime, a primary weapon, is double barreled shotgun. It is the Prime variant of the Tigris, a shotgun of designed
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Sancti Tigris Primary Shotgun Overview Prices Trade 0 Patchlogs Item Overview Description Echo nature’s violent beauty with this special Tigris. View on Wikia Item Stats Price 31p 10.71% Mastery MR 12 15% Slash 1008 Puncture 126 a year
,更快裝填速度,擁有更多的彈片,1ペレット當たりのダメージは減少(210→195)したが,同時還擁有 純凈 這一特效。
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