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Philthy Rich – Money Right lyrics
[Verse 1: Philthy Rich] Saddity bitch think that she the shit (Bitch) Already got my money up, don’t need you for shit (Uh-uh) My nigga fuckin’ my opp baby mama (Is that right?) You playin’ with the wrong nigga, I’m playin’ with these commas (It’s Philthy)
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Robin Hood – Philthy Rich Feat. Sada Baby
Listen to Robin Hood by Philthy Rich Feat. Sada Baby, 1,178 Shazams. My Library Apps Charts

Philthy Rich
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Philthy Rich Is A Lame Pimp
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this post is not to blast this lame rapper/pimp Philthy Rich for conning multiple women into giving him their hard earned money but rather to ask these girls to WAKE UP. Come on ladies look @ that face, seriously he is gross and will never be taken seriously in the industry he’s a joke.
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Philthy Rich – Phone Play Lyrics
Lyrics for Phone Play by Philthy Rich. (Phone Ringing)! (Speakin Through Phone)! Its Philthy nigga! look! niggas phone play me i Type song title, artist or lyrics
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Philthy Rich feat. Yid, Slimmy B & Lil Yee
Lyrics for Take Something by Philthy Rich feat. Yid, Slimmy B & Lil Yee. Understand that I was made for it When I was down I ain’t wait for it Therefore I deserve
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[Verse 1: Philthy Rich] I can’t trust niggas lately, I keep it off safety Waitin’ on you to keep it real, I ran out of patience Bitches wanna take the rubber off and have my baby A lot of fake shit been rubbin’ off on her lately You know how many niggas done changed
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‎The Slick Side of the Game by Hack the Mack on Apple …

Listen to The Slick Side of the Game by Hack the Mack on Apple Music. Stream songs including “28 Grams”, “Nothin New (feat. Philthy Rich)” and more. RELEASED NOVEMBER 30, 2013 2016 KIDS WITH GUNZ Also available in the iTunes Store
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Philthy Rich
Hard Times – Philthy Rich Lyrics, Letra: Intro My head to the sky, I’m going through these hard times (Funk or Die) My brother doing fifteen, what an L, that’s hard time It’s Philthy, nigga, uh-huh, look Chorus My head to the sky, I’m going through these hard times
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Philthy Rich
Philthy Rich – Set Trippin ft. C.M.L blkhnd September 26, 2019 0 Philthy Rich – Set Trippin featuring C.M.L (Official Audio) Lyrics & details below | Sub for more. Lyrics: [CML
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Stick Up – Philthy Rich Feat. Shoreline Mafia
Listen to Stick Up by Philthy Rich Feat. Shoreline Mafia, 15,706 Shazams. Ron-Ron load it up, Ron-Ron load it up Ron-Ron do that shit You ain’t got it how you say you got it (Got that shit) You ain’t popping how you say you poppin’ (Poppin’ shit) You ain’t living all that
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Philthy Rich – Passion Lyrics
Your baby mama on a day shift (bitch) Designer, I’m in the latest (designer) Diamonds on me outrageous (VS1) Wave hi to my neighbors (hello) Six gram house gators (it’s Philthy) That foreign he in outdated (foreign) That chain he got on plated (fu-fu) That Rollie
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Hard Times
Di seguito troverete testo, video musicale e traduzione di Hard Times – Philthy Rich in varie lingue. Il video musicale con la traccia audio della canzone partirà automaticamente in basso a destra. Per migliorare la traduzione potete seguire questo link oppure premere il bottone blu in fondo.
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Philthy Rich – Neighborhood Watch
Lyrics “Neighborhood Watch” – Philthy Rich Ooh, RJ Ay, it’s Philthy, n**ga RJ always tripping, man, RJ always tripping man Funk or Die, ahh, look.. Eggrolls with the duck sauce Back of the Bentley truck gettin’ sucked off Another body gettin’ rushed off Another n
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Philthy Rich feat. Cookie Money – Money Right
Lyrics “Money Right” – Philthy Rich feat. Cookie Money You better have your money right for me to pay attention I’m bossed up, ain’t got no love for these broke b**ches They every weekend in the club, call ’em bum b**ches Tryna ride a n**ga wave, call ’em surf b