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The blue maomao (Scorpis violacea), also known as the violet sweep, blue sweep or hardbelly, is a species of marine ray-finned fish, a member of the subfamily Scorpidinae, part of the sea chub family Kyphosidae.It is native to the southwestern Pacific Ocean from Australia to New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands, where it can be found in inshore waters from the surface to depths of 30 m (98 ft).
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maomao: [noun] a New Zealand surf fish (Ditrema violacea) that somewhat resembles a flounder, is typically blue in color, and is a superior food fish.
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Blue maomao swarm in the water column at the Kermadecs while two-spot demoiselles stick closer to the rocks, giving the effect of a natural aquarium. Galapagos sharks loom in the distance and tuna cruise by. This is 360-VR video—grab to pan on a desktop, just move a mobile device around you, or hit the headset button to play in a Google Cardboard-compatible headset (iOS devices will need you
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Mandarin Fish, Striped Shiner, Lenok. Keep reading MaoMao Prince Hotspot Map BDO Fishing HotSpots Here’s a link to the google doc with additional spots (33 total) – most of which have been untested/unconfirmed. I’d like to avoid adding them here individually
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Where Do I Trade The Fish? Trade fish at the fishing vendor. See a trading/node guide for details. Why Did You Throw Away X? Fish it harder, Fish it Better. Fish is love, Fish is life What Are The Different Tiers Of Fish? White 1-1,5k. Green 2-4k Blue 5-7k 125k
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Maomao also helped herself with some of the fish. The was a blueback fish that had been pickled in salt, so the preservation must have been effective. It had a slightly peculiar stench, but that was probably the smell of fermentation rather than rot.
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Maomao looked at the fish dish nonchalantly. When she glanced at the dish, wondering if it was okay for her to start eating, Uryuu stared at Maomao. Wait a bit, Rahan looked at her. Maomao decided to wait for a little while until a different meat dish was carried
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