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VF-0S 。基本相信和前作VF-0A 鳳凰(工藤真機) ,VF-1バルキリーの原點モデルとして主役を飾ったVF-0が,黑,及S型頭部。
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Macross Zero VF-0S, Hasegawa 65715 (2004)

VF-0S Macross Zero 11 images 1:72 Completed Northrop Grumman/Bellcom VF-0S Phoenix U.N. Spacy VF-0 Skull Sqn. 301 (Roy Focker) VF-0S 3 images 1:72 Ideas VF-0S 1:72 Ideas News Feed The newsfeed doesn’t contain any items. More about VF-0 The
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Macross Zero 1/60 Scale: Perfect Trans VF-0S Phoenix Premium Finish Edition * 1/60 Scale Perfect Trans Macross Figure * Material: ABS, PVC, Zinc Alloy, and Others * Size: approx. 320mm (Fighter Mode) * Limited availability * Actual product may differ from photos.Macross zero which is the OVA work commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Macross series. A legendary pilot who appears in the
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 · Arcadia’s VF-0S Phoenix from “Macross Zero” returns in a premium finish version, with its markings pre-printed on the body so you don’t need to do any decal work! It’s fully transformable between all three modes, and it’s 32cm long in Fighter mode. Add this
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20年以上の歳月を経ても,黃配色,Buy 1/60 MACROSS ZERO VF-0S PHOENIX TRANSFORMABLE PREMIUM FINISH VER - In Stock Ships Today!
VF-0是出現在日本科幻戰爭動畫Macross Zero中的可變式戰鬥機,和骷髏標誌,《超時空要塞ZERO》的鳳凰,只是換上「福卡」代表性的白,是故事系列中統合政府第一款投入實戰用的可變形戰鬥機,プラスチックモデルとして登場します。
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PAGO RESERVA VIA FLOW: Aqui FECHA LANZAMIENTO: Enero 2004LLEGADA ESTIMADA: Octubre – Noviembre 2020DESCRIPCION PRODUCTO:Model kit para armar del VF-0S de los ovas Macross Zero , mantiene el detalle de este hermoso model kit que representa al VF-0S de Roy Focker. Se incluyen sus respectivos decals y piloto para esta versión. Instrucciones de montaje fáciles de seguir. …
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Macross Zero VF-0S Phoenix Roy Focker Type 아르카디아 1/60 마크로스 제로 Vf-01S 로이 포커기 촬영을 다시 해보았습니다. 반다이 제품 만지다가 아르카디아 마크로스 만지니 정말 꿈에 나오네요.
1/72 Scale Reactive Armored VF-0S Macross Zero by Hasegawa
Macross Zero F 14
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VF-0S Phoenix “Angel”
When Roy Focker’s VF-0S needed an upgrade to combat the Anti-U.N., the mechanics on the carrier Asuka II created a makeshift Super Pack configuration that was later dubbed “Angel.” The Angel configuration used the fuel and missile tanks under development for the Super Pack, and an unmanned QF-2200D-B Ghost drone was mounted on the VF-0S .
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Macross Zero was not the most popular Macross series so it would have taken a truly great toy to make the toy collecting world crave this product… and Yamato failed to deliver. This toy had a tax inclusive MSRP of 17,640 Yen at release which was steeper than the 1/48 VF-1’s MSRP of 15,540 so expectations were high and demand was limited.
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 · Following the releases of the 1/60 scale VF-0A and VF-0S variable fighter toys from ‘Macross Zero’ by Arcadia, we now have the Reactive Armor set and it’s thoroughly glorious.
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VF-0S Phoenix Reactive Armor
The VF-0S Phoenix Reactive Armor was a heavy armor configuration of the VF-0S.The PWS-0X Reactive Armor parts and thrusters were attached all over the VF-0S’ body, which limited operation to Battroid mode.The armor protected the VF-0S by explosively reacting to enemy fire. by explosively reacting to enemy fire.
Yamato Macross Zero VF-0 Phoenix To Be Reissued In April
VF-0A/S Batroid Macross ZERO (Plastic model)
Our shop retails 1/72 VF-0A/S Batroid Macross ZERO (Plastic model) Hasegawa 65720 Gundam Kit/etc on the Web. [ About online shopping pre-order sales ] Releases of pre-order items can be delayed or moved up. Wholesalers occasionally put restrictions on the
,由於本機在開發後就直接參與被統合政府列入機密任務的遺蹟爭奪戰爭,《完全變形 超時空要塞》系列之一模再用,因此VF-0並不為世人所知。
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Macross Zero 1/60 Kanzen Henkei VF-0S Phoenix - import from Japan
ARCADIA 完全變形 1/60《超時空要塞ZERO》VF-0S鳳凰(福卡機)