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[COMPARISON] iPhone Users vs Android Users (2020)
iPhone vs Android is one of the longest yet most frequently asked questions by most Smartphone buyers and users. Even though the topic of iPhone users vs Android users have been covered by pretty much every tech blog out there, Smartphone buyers and enthusiasts love to read comparisons about iPhone vs Android to know how far each platform has progressed over the years and which …
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Pros and Cons of iPhone Vs Android
iOS Vs Android: An Argumentative Essay iPhone Vs Android Accessibility In the interest of fairness, let’s start off with a positive that both platforms possess. As far as accessibility goes, both Apple and Android are at the top of the game. There are less or so
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Android vs iPhone: Which is best for you?
But the Android vs iPhone debate is now just a part of a much bigger Google vs Apple battle. The best choice of phone for you is no longer just about the phone — it’s also about how deeply you
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Top 11 Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

Popular apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., offer better UI and consistent performance on the iPhone compared to Android. On Android, a developer has to make sure that the app works perfectly fine on a low-cost device and a high-end 7.
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IPhone Loyalty Sees An All-time High As Compared To …

iPhone users are more loyal than Android users. This is not us saying but a recent survey conducted by SellCell does, which throws light on how Apple loyalty “You can’t get away from the idea that you’re just lucky to be alive” Fact check: Biden wrong on three

How many Android vs iPhone users are in the US?
I would say it would be easier catching up with iPhone users as the products both hardware and software are solely sold by Apple but with android, different hardware handsets from multiple companies can’t set a basis to determine its users and thi
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iPhone SE 2: What are the Android equivalents to …

The iPhone SE 2 is a rare foray into the mid-range market from Apple, with high specs that belie the low price tag and are likely to see it become a smash hit. For £419/$399 you’ll get a world
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Why do iPhone have lesser RAM than Android phones …

As you can see, iPhone consistently have lower RAM storage than Android devices with the only exception being the Nexus 5X. The popular opinion regarding this, is that iOS can offer the same if not better user experience by using lesser amount of RAM and this is inherently caused due to Android use of Java’s Garbage Collection Mechanism.
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iPhone loyalty sees an all-time high as compared to …

iPhone users are more loyal than Android users. This is not us saying but a recent survey conducted by SellCell does, which throws light on how Apple loyalty is seeing an all-time high. Also Read – Apple to launch new iPad Pro with Thunderbolt port next month
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Best iPhone (2021): Which Model Should You Actually …

The iPhone 12 is what most people should buy, especially this year, because it has a feature that has been limited to the Pro models until now: an OLED display. Its 6.1-inch screen allows for much
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However, the majority of Android phones are very cheap compared to their iPhone counterparts. Samsung flagship devices, for instance, are just as expensive as Apple’s top of the line devices. However, down the chain, Samsung also has devices at around the $200 mark, something that’s not true for iPhones.
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Android Phones Might Be More Secure Than iPhones …

While nearly 70% of all iPhone users run the latest version of iOS, less than 10% of Android users can claim the same. Moreover, when a zero-day is discovered and a patch is issued, users must update their phone to apply the patch.
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Iphone x speed compared to android handsets?
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iPhone 11 sales continue to cut down Android’s market …

The quarter’s measurement included just a week of sales of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, advised Kantar global director Dominic Sunnebo, but they still contributed 7.4% of
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How Popular is the iPhone Compared to Android, …

iPhone – against dozens of Android handsets available on four different national carriers. BillShrink has produced a very interesting infographic that illustrates the popularity of the iPhone compared to other brands and mobile operating systems. The but it