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 · PDF 檔案I’m worried about you, you’re looking very thin that’s a specific situation. Maybe you’re usually not underweight at all but in this situation I think you look thin and I am worried about you. So, let’s sum up Mohammad. Both of your sentences are correct, and
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I am a worried mother—about my sons who live so far away—and, again, although I know I’m not about to fade in their memories (sometimes I wish some of the memories would go away) I worry that they are not getting to know me, aging as I am, right now.
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I am Worried Find out about memory loss and tips for coping with memory loss Brain Health Your Brain, Your Body, Your Heart, The Research, Risk Factors The Lived Experience Videos featuring real people and their personal experiences. Online Family Carer
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I am worried about the word “mandatory” in reference to counselling which is in the bill. www2.parl.gc.ca L ‘ utilisation du t er me «obligatoire» en rappo rt avec le s services de consultation dont il est question dans le projet d e loi me préoccupe be auco up .
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Suicide is NOT an Option I Am Worried About Someone I Know or Love Have An Honest Conversation Talk to them in private Listen to their story Tell them you care about them Ask directly if they are thinking about suicide Encourage them to seek treatment or contact their doctor or …
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“I am worried.” “I’m going to fight this thing, because I’m going to fight for California values and the things I hold dear,” Newsom said. news.yahoo.com California Gov. Newsom says recall attempt is likely to succeed “I’m going to fight this thing, because I’m going
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All the things I worried about as a sensitive teenager haven’t got any better, rather, they have got visibly worse. It’s hard not to worry, when you discover the reality of the Fukishama disaster, a reality that isn’t depicted in the mainstream media at all, but could quite possibly be the worst man-made environmental disaster that has yet occurred.
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Les I Am Worried se font écho des problématiques traversées par les habitant.e.s de Bruxelles durant et juste après la pandémie. Conduites par des artistes et/ou militant.e.s, ces séances de trois heures ouvrent à la discussion et au partage de nos expériences.
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 · I am worried. Folks are starting to get just a little bit testy. Mumbled grumbles and disquieting comments are beginning to erupt from a growing number of frowning, although masked (according to government mandate), faces. At first, the grumbling was focused on how a disease first spread in Asia had forced upon Americans the inconvenience […]
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 · I am 62 and in the past I have had diverticulitis. For the past week I have been to my gp as it seems to have returned. However this time after a week of antibiotics and pain killers every 3 to four hours pain in my lower abdomen and back is quite severe. Constantly
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 · “I am worried about the slump – from the form we were in to get so quickly into the form we’re now in and we’ve had some wins but five losses in eight isn’t where we want to be. “It
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I am quite worried about you I am worried about going to Italy I was worried I was worried I would miss my family and friends I was worried it got lost in the mail I was worried that you might have been lost again. I’m not worried, but I should be. I’m worried about you
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@Medusabane I am so glad that there is someone as well who has the same perspective of thinking. Everyone that I mention this to calls me crazy but I understand this is a big problem. Players with crazy amount of coins are in control of the market and is