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2. Haemolysis of sample will give erroneous elevated or lowered laboratory test results. Avoid delivering blood sample into containers without removing the needle from the syringe. 3. Prolonged storage of sample will affect laboratory results. Call us as soon as 4.
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Lose Your Identity Card and HKSAR Travel Documents While you may be annoyed about losing your personal identification documents, you may be relieved to learn that it only takes simple steps to obtain the replacements of these documents.

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 · PDF 檔案Jurisdiction’s name Hong Kong, China Information on Tax Identification Numbers Section I – TIN Description Hong Kong, China does not issue TIN* for communicating with taxpayers. The following identifiers will be equivalent to TIN: (a) Individuals: Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) number.
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HKID Card No. Applicants need to submit requests for change of personal information via their JUPAS accounts under “Request for Change of Personal Information” of the “Personal Profile”. They are required to upload copies of their HKID cards and relevant supporting documents.
The SUN HK : It's now the turn of those born in 1968 or 1969 to apply for new HK identity cards
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 · PDF 檔案FORM MMB – W Annex A to V.11 Version 8 – March 2017 Page 2 SECTION I – DETAILS OF THE CLAIMANT Note 1/SCHEME MEMBER (1) Claimant (i) Name: (ii) Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Card/Passport* number Note 2: (iii) Correspondence
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Other than using the HKID Card for immigration purpose, holders can also use the card for non-immigration purpose such as using it as an e-certificate or a library card. Below is a sample of a Hong Kong Smart Identity Card: Smart Identity Card with date of
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 · PDF 檔案HKID Card No. : 日期, Date : (日/月/年dd/mm/yyyy) Title Microsoft Word – 授權書Letter of Authorization_20130902.doc Author LukSingYeung Created Date 9/2/2013 4:43:01 PM
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Cervical sample. ThinPrep collection kit. DOB, HKID & clinical history. ThinPrep, HPV, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea DNA Profile 新栢氏抹片,人類乳頭狀瘤病毒,衣原體及淋病菌DNA CY06 Cervical sample. ThinPrep collection kit. DOB, HKID & clinical history.
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[SRS Referral Letter Sample] To: Dr. xxx, Dept of Surgery, Routonjee Hospital/Prince of Wales Hospital Dear Dr. xxx, Re: [Name of the patient in English and Chinese, HKID#] I am writing to refer the above named for sexual reassignment surgery. The above named
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 · DOC 檔案 · 網頁檢視Examples of significant controllers registers Scenario A The company has only one shareholder, Chan Tai Tai, who beneficially owns 100% of the shares of the company. Mr. Chan meets Condition (a) and his particulars should be entered into the SCR as shown
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The appointment booking period for application of Hong Kong identity card at Registration of Persons Offices is 24 working days. Applicants are advised to make prior appointment before they come to our offices for services. You can make use of this online service
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SQL – 學生運動員註冊
 · 想抽取學界體育聯會學生資料,謝謝 附件內”Sample”, 就是要抽取的資料,煩幫忙 Identity Type* Identity Number* Travel Document Valid Date(DD-MM-YYYY)* Chinese Name* English Name* Gender* Date of Birth(DD-MM-YYYY)* Level* Grade* hkid : 1 passport : 2
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6A1 TIN 稅務編號 (For eTAX login only)

 · PDF 檔案Example Good Harvest Co $ Salary (1.11.2020 to 31.3.2021) 150,000 Commission 120,000 Bonus 90,000 Assessable IncomeSalary (1.7.2020 to 15.7.2020 360,000 Leave Pay – Spouse has to sign in Part 21 to indicate agreement. – If spouse does not have
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保誠旅遊保險為您提供旅途中的意外保障,00026 (由2019年2月28日起生效) 註: 與本站連結之其他網站可能載有未經香港證券及期貨事務監察委員會批核之產品資料,讓您旅行無憂。了解更多我們的旅遊保險計劃。 自願醫保產品提供者編號,亦可提供額外家居保障。 自願醫保產品提供者編號,00026 (由2019年2月28日起生效) 註: 與本站連結之其他網站可能載有未經香港證券及期貨事務監察委員會批核之產品資料