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尼龍管接頭,專門製作金屬物表面處理,電解,生產,電鍍用DC直流輸出整流器,噴桿開關,E式簡單接頭,自成立以來,即致力於追求卓越的品質與產品的創新研發。(2010年 從舜田庫恩科技股份有限公司更名為舜田金屬股份有限公司。) 產品的種類多樣,特殊銅接頭,鈷基合金等,喇叭銅管用接頭,大力發展新型奈米碳,所製作產品受到海內外肯定,公司以散熱產品為基礎行業,合金鋼,材質有合金鑄鐵,各式銅接頭,針型閥,出水開關,銅管專用接頭
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Heat Sink analytical modeling
 · PDF 檔案Heat sink can work by forced convection, natural convection or liquid cooling. Normally in electronic assemblies they are made of materials with good thermal conduction such as aluminum or copper.
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How to Select a Heat Sink
Heat sinks are an important element in circuit design because they provide an efficient path for heat to be transferred into the ambient air and away from electronic devices (eg. BJTs, MOSFETs, linear regulators, etc.). The general theory behind a heat sink is to
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Heat Sink
 · Heat Sink is a late-game component used to craft other late-game items. 1 Obtaining 1.1 Crafting 2 Usage 2.1 Crafting 2.2 AWESOME Sink 3 Tips 4 History The (EA) Heat Exchanger alternate recipe replaces Crude Oil with Copper, conserves some Bauxite and is faster, making it all-round better over the default recipe.Patch Default recipe: Changed recipe craft time from 12 to 8 seconds
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Heat Sink and Cooling Fan is optional parts for Solid State Relay. Characteristic: Low Noise, Light Vibration, Strong Cooling, Muti-Role, Long Life and Environmental Protecti on. Suggestion: 1. 10A Solid State Relay: Heat Sink and Cooling Fan is not necessary.
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Heat sink
Define heat sink. heat sink synonyms, heat sink pronunciation, heat sink translation, English dictionary definition of heat sink. n. 1. An environment capable of absorbing heat from an object with which it is in thermal contact without a phase change or an
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Custom Heat Sink Manufacturers, Heatsink Suppliers
Skived fin heat sink is using a special cutter from a piece of aluminum or copper plate, the fin is cutted and erected piece by piece. Benefits and application: It breaks through the limitation of the thickness and length ratio of conventional heat sinks and can produce high density heat sinks.Blade and base are one body, without any interface impedance problem, heat dissipation effect is very
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Heat SinK Assemblies

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Heat Sink
The heat sink can be pasted on heating element. It is so far one of the most popular product for electrical component as heat dissipation purpose. The thermal conductivity is around 1000~1500W/m.k. by well thermal conductivity, light, and easy processing metal ( Currently , can be aluminum, copper.
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In order to enhance the heat pipe technology and solve the heat problem, CCI cooperated with ITRI to develop the vapor chamber. In 2004, CCI got ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. Also CCI goes into the desktop thermal industry aggressively, combined the heat pipe and stacked fin heat sink to apply to desktop CPU cooler.
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Extruded Heat Sinks, Aluminum Heat Sinks Extrusion …

Wellste extruded heat sink also named as heat sink extrusion is at a high Precision Quality level, that guarantee by 30 engineers 10- Year Aluminum industry working experience. We own thousands of available standard mold, We can fast matching which Extruded Heatsink reach 90% similar to yours, which can save your money and time for heat sink extrusion tool.
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Aluminum, Bonded Fin & Copper Heat Sink
C&H Technology offers aluminum heat sinks, copper heat sinks and bonded fin heat sinks. We offer a full range of heat sink assemblies. C&H Technology specializes in extruded aluminum heat sinks, bonded fin heat sinks, folded fin heat sinks, liquid cooled chill blocks and aluminum chill plate heat sinks for power electronic semiconductors and assemblies.
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舜田金屬股份有限公司是一家專業的離心鑄造製造廠,提供給您方便及快速的資訊。 銅球塞凡而,瓦斯雙口安全開關,瓦斯接頭,銅球塞考克,電解,鎳基合金,電鍍用DC直流輸出整流器. 承永電機有限公司創立於1970年