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 · PDF 檔案Ch 41 – Trench and Excavation Safety Guide – Revised September 2018 H:/Public/Safety Manual testing in Chapter 21- Confined Space Policy, shall be followed if a hazardous atmosphere is suspected. If a hazardous atmosphere occurs during excavation
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 · PDF 檔案Trench A narrow underground excavation made below the surface of the ground. Trenches depth is larger than its width. Trench Box A trench box consists of two large plates, usually made of steel, which are parallel to the walls of the trench, and horizontal cross
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802 Trench and Excavation Safety
 · PDF 檔案• a trench is referred to as a narrow excavation made below the surface of the ground in which the depth is greater than the width (the width not exceeding 15 feet or 4.5 meters). • an excavation is any man-made cut, cavity, trench or depression in the earth’s
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 · PDF 檔案Trench (Trench excavation) means a narrow excavation (in relation to its length) made below the surface of the ground. In general, the depth is greater than the width, but the width of a trench (measured at the bottom) is not greater than 15 feet.
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Trench Excavations
The Guide is intended to be used by all personnel who are involved in the planning, design, construction and supervision of trench excavation works, including contractors, utility companies, consultants, government departments and any other parties concerned.
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The United Rentals Guide to Trench Safety
Trench and excavation safety can be a life or death matter. Working in trenches and other excavations is one of construction’s most dangerous activities, but there are safety precautions and regulations in place to make most trench accidents preventable. United Rentals presents a Guide to Trench …
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A Guide to Soil Excavation and Trenching Tools
A Guide to Soil Excavation and Trenching Tools This article covers some of the most common pieces of machinery seen in the mining industry to give you a better understanding of how they can be utilized.
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Excavation Guidance
 · PDF 檔案Title Excavation Guidance.pdf Author NGN Subject Guide to Excavation Keywords Trenchs HSG47 Underground Services minimum depth Created Date 20110302100146Z
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Excavation Work Guideline
Safety guide for excavation work. Topics covered include types of excavation site hazards, legal requirements, soil properties, shaft and tunnel excavations, pile driving, and more. This item may be ordered free of charge – to place your order, please email [email protected] with the name of the item, its publication number and required quantity, as well as shipping and contact
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A quick guide to archaeological excavation

 · PDF 檔案A quick guide to archaeological excavation An archaeologist’s tool kit 4” pointing trowel Hand shovel & bucket Shovel, mattock, spade & wheelbarrow Stiff hand brush (only for cleaning stones / masonry) Fine tools such as a leaf trowel, paint brushes and
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WorkSafeNB Guide to OHS Legislation
The trench or excavation must be sloped or benched to within 1.2 m of the bottom, with the slope or bench not exceeding 1 m vertical rise to each 1 m of horizontal run. [Reg. 91-191, S.182(1)(a)]
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Construction Health and Safety Manual
 · PDF 檔案31 – 3 TRENCHING Causes of Cave-Ins Soil properties often vary widely from the top to the bottom and along the length of a trench. Many factors such as cracks, water, vibration, weather, and previous excavation can affect trench stability (Figure 2). Time is also a
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Trenching and excavation safety
OSHA data shows 23 workers were killed in trench collapses in 2016 ¬– surpassing the combined total from 2014 and 2015. “Employers need to realize that any excavation has the potential for exposure to serious injury and fatality,” one expert says.
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Practical Guide to Street Works
 · PDF 檔案How to use this Guide 7 List of reference documents 8 1. Introduction 9 2. Specification designs and categories 10 3. Tools and equipment 12 4. Signing, lighting and guarding 13 5. Undertaking excavations 15 6. Trench sidewall support 17 7. 20 22
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SafeWork NSW
 · PDF 檔案Excavation work Code of Practice Page 7 of 71 1. Introduction Excavation collapses are particularly dangerous. They can occur quickly, limiting the ability of workers and others to escape, especially if the collapse of a trench, tunnel or shaft is extensive. The speed