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Sending and Logging Email Alerts As An Activity: Here’s …

 · One of the most popular ideas in the Salesforce community, outstanding for 11 years with 47,300 Points and 4,750 Votes, is the ability to send an email alert and record it in the activity history. There are workarounds available, such as saving a completed task, but none of these saves the specific content of the email.
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Salesforce Workflow Actions
 · PDF 檔案Sending Email alert using Workflow rule actions. Sending email alert is the one of the workflow action provided in Salesforce. The email alert must be send to the customer whose invoice amount in greater than 12000. Let us create new email alert in Salesforce.
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Sender Type Email address used as the email’s From and Reply-To addresses can be one of the following:Current User: The email address of the user running the flow, i. e. the Salesforce user who has authorized the Salesforce Connection in Jira. Default Workflow
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Email Alert from Flow
Hello, I want to use a process builder to call a flow (every Sunday night at 11:59pm) and send an email alert, but need some help on the flow steps. I want to create the flow that does the following: – trigger the flow every Sunday night at 11:59pm
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Salesforce: Monthly based email alert
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Through this blog, I will sharing script which can help to get complete information about all the email alerts configured in Salesforce using workflow rules for any sObject. Imagine a scenario in which you need to extract all email alert configured or created for different workflow rules for specific object so that it can be reviewed or analyzed.
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As most of the salesforce developer’s knows – Though we can create Workflow Rules for Case Comments object, there is no option for choosing Case Comments object and its fields while creating Email Templates. Step 2: Add “New Email Alert” workflow action to
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How to send an email alert to users based on a formula …

I have a custom object “Royalty Report” and in that object I have two fields Status(Picklist) and Days Left (Formula field) and I would like to send users an email alert when the status is open and Days left field is getting updated to ceratin days for egs
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Salesforce Email Alert to Fire when Date = Today()
I’m having a tough time trying to get this email alert to fire. Correction, I can get it to fire, but not when I want. I have the following fields: Last Login and Last Login Target Date. Use Case: I need to alert the account owner if a user hasn’t logged into our app in 30
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When the bounce confirmed? If the mailbox is invalid for a valid domain, you should get email notification and bounce alert almost immediately. But for email address with invalid domain, such as: [email protected], where is invalid domain, Salesforce will re-try to deliver the email for 10 times with approximate interval of 0, 10, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640 minutes after the
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 · Hi kapil, Workflow email alerts designed for Notifications to interested parties. It Runs When A case or lead is created or edited and Sends Email To Anyone you choose. It Sends one email per email alert. Each workflow rule can have up to: 1) 10 email alerts as
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Step By Step Guide To Using Email Templates in Salesforce

An email template is a pre-formatted email that you can use to create and send emails quickly. Use email templates in Salesforce to increase productivity and ensure consistent messaging. Email templates with merge fields let you quickly send emails that include
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To send email i have email alert designed already. Using below but it is not working Rule criteria: created, and every time it’s edited AND(ISCHANGED( OwnerId ), PRIORVALUE( OwnerId) = ‘Specific__user_Id’) salesforce workflow
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Salesforce and Email
When it comes to Salesforce and email, it can be confusing how it works and what your options are. Read on to find out the different ways you can use email in Salesforce, including how to send email from Salesforce.
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Log an Email Sent via Email Alert to the Activity …

 · To send an email from Salesforce via process automation tools, you need an email alert. Email message is a standard object introduced in Summer 16. Use process builder to create the email message record. Provide descriptions, where provided, in Salesforce.