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創造有利于和平解決南非局勢的環境 “exercise is conducive to good health” 中文翻譯 ,Durshal | A Digital Gateway
Conducive school environment
The conducive school environment is one in which teachers establish a learning environment where students feel physically, psychologically, socially, and culturally secure. In a conducive school Environment teachers work independently and cooperatively to make their classrooms and school stimulating learning environments.
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A conducive environment? The role of need support in the higher education workplace and its effect on academics’ experiences of research assessment in the UK – Weinstein – – Higher Education Quarterly – Wiley Online Library
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Provide Safe and Conducive Learning Environments
Every child deserves to learn in a conducive learning environment that poses no threat to their health and safety and enhances learning outcomes and academic performance. This is not the case in most public schools in Nigeria where promising, less privileged students are subjected to poor, hazardous and difficult learning conditions due to inadequate infrastructure.
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 · Without an appropriate accommodation in a conducive environment, learning will be hindered, so we decide to provide a conducive atmosphere to enhance learning and boosts the performance of students.
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A Conducive Environment
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Conducive Environment Our aim is to provide the very best education for every child within a caring environment where everyone is happy, safe and secure with his or her career ambition realized with the support from our professional, seasoned and dedicated staff which make our commitment to the success of the children to be total.
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Environments Conducive to Student Learning
Environments Conducive to Student Learning | Out With Erin The Teacher Quality Standards outlines two areas that must be followed in order to be conducive to students learning: 1) Teachers establish learning environments wherein students feel physically, psychologically, socially, and culturally secure.
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English This will favour an environment conducive to sustained economic growth, well-functioning markets and continued job creation.
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 · Conducive attributes of physical learning environment of schools play a dominant role in the successful delivery of lessons for slow learners. This study aims to propose a framework towards achieving conducive attributes of preschool learning environment suitable for …
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en Enhance conducive environment for civil societies to work in the promotion and protection of human rights. UN-2 fr Le renforcement d’un environnement propice , permettant à la société civile d’œuvrer à la promotion et à la protection des droits de l’homme;
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 · adjective [usually verb-link ADJECTIVE] If one thing is conducive to another thing, it makes the other thing likely to happen. Make your bedroom as conducive to sleep as possible. Sometimes the home environment just isn’t conducive to reading. [ + to]
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The Toxic Triangle
The Conducive Environment For toxic leaders to be successful, they need an environment where they can thrive. There are four elements that contribute towards a conducive environment: instability, perceived threat, questionable values and standards and an absence of governance.
, 體育鍛煉有助于增強體質 “fresh air is conducive to health” 中文翻譯 , 新鮮空氣有利于健康 “conducing system” 中文翻譯