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在超微(AMD)處理器自今年3月開始正式販售反攻x86平臺號角的Zen架構處理器產品後,Radeon RX Vega 以及 Epyc 的時間點。 展望 2017 下半年
Computex 2017: Primeras imágenes de Ryzen Threadripper 16 núcleos y placas X399 - Benchmarkhardware

AMD Exhibits PC Innovation Leadership at Computex …

EPYC Launch At Computex 2017, AMD announced the worldwide launch date for EPYC , the new AMD family of high-performance processors for cloud-based and traditional on-premise datacenters, previously codenamed Naples, which will deliver the highly-successful “Zen” x86 processing engine scaling up to 32 physical cores.
Computex 2017 - ASRock prezinta placi de baza Intel X299 si AMD X399 - lab501

Computex 2017: Asus Announces First AMD Ryzen …

 · However, this particular device is all about AMD on the CPU front, and the same on the GPU front. The computer, which was announced at Computex 2017, packs a Ryzen 7 1700 chipset and an RX580 graphics processing unit.
Płyty główne AMD X399 pod Ryzen Threadripper - zestawienie z Computex 2017

AMD Exhibits PC Innovation Leadership at Computex …

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AMD at Computex 2017: EPYC. Threadripper. Ryzen Mobile and Vega -

AMD EPYC June 20, 2017, Threadripper and Vega at …

 · STH attended the AMD Computex 2017 press event today in Taipei, Taiwan. The company showed off three main strategic prongs: an update on EPYC the company’s server platform, continued consumer footprint expansion with Ryzen, and a release date for Vega
AMD At Computex 2017: EPYC. Threadripper With 64 PCIe Lanes. RX Vega. And Mobile Ryzen – Techgage
COMPUTEX 2017 — 產品篇
今年的臺北國際電腦展,照例來看看今年有哪些有趣的產品吧,Radeon 和 Eypc 到位,Radeon 與 Epyc 是 AMD 在 Computex 2017 的重點,南港展覽館和世貿一館。有別於去年同時期的新產品較少的窘況,Computex 2017 Live Coverage | TechPowerUp
AMD at Computex 2017
The best is yet to come! Watch AMD’s press conference at Computex 2017 in Taipei. Originally broadcast live on May 31, 10 AM CST. Visit for
Computex 2017:華碩推AMD X399平臺大板。ROG加持 - 每日頭條

AMD At Computex 2017: EPYC, Threadripper With 64 …

At Computex 2017, AMD showed the world its upcoming product releases. From Ryzen Mobile APUs, EPYC server CPUs, laptops and desktops from OEM partners, and surprise announcements for Threadripper’s 64 PCIe lanes and RX Vega launch date. The next couple of months are going to be busy!
Computex 2017: ASUS โชว์อ๊อฟ X399 AMD Zenith Extreme Motherboard - Extreme IT

Computex 2017: AMD Demonstrates the Ryzen …

It is expected the card to be available for sale starting 27th June 2017. Then the highly anticipated Radeon RX Vega graphics card did not make its debut here in Computex Taipei 2017, but the AMD team manage to showcase the graphic quality with a brief
Computex 2017 Live Coverage | TechPowerUp

Lisa Su,AIO/27 吋畫 …

【精選報道】【Computex 2017】瑤瑤打街霸撐場,Ryzen,
Computex 2017 - ASRock prezinta placi de baza Intel X299 si AMD X399 - lab501

【Computex 2017】Dell 最新 PC 產品全面睇,主機板產品終於開始熱鬧起來。接下來,Radeon Vega Frontier Edition,Ryzen Threadripper,筆者再次跑既定行程,在 Computex 2017 上,Dell 力谷 AMD 電競電腦 【精選報道】18核心Core X i9急現身 ASUS ROG X299 超頻板追配 最細 2-in-1 Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 可變換成座檯或帳篷模式。 支援 USB-C 充電功能。 27 吋畫板配旋鈕 Dell Canvas
Computex 2017:華碩推AMD X399平臺大板。ROG加持 - 每日頭條
Computex 2017 Live Coverage
Go to: Computex 2017 Index – ADATA – Aerocool – Alphacool – AMD – Antec – ASUS – bequiet – Bitfenix – Calyos – Colorful – Cooler Master – Corsair – Deepcool – ECS – Enermax – EVGA – Fractal Design – Galaxy – GEIL – Gigabyte – GSKILL – HyperX
Computex 2017 - ASRock prezinta placi de baza Intel X299 si AMD X399 - lab501
Computex 2017
Computex 2017 AMD hat einige Details zum 16-Kern-Prozessor Ryzen Threadripper verraten und erste Benchmarks gezeigt. Weitere Eckdaten und der Erscheinungstermin der CPUs stehen ebenfalls fest.
Computex 2017: AMD Press Event Live Blog

? AMD ได้รับการยืนยันสำหรับงาน Computex 2017, …

งาน Computex 2017 กำล งใกล เข ามาอย างรวดเร วด งน นเราจ งต องการแบ งป นว นท ลงทะเบ ยนสำหร บงานแถลงข าวของ AMD ซ งกำหนดไว ในว นท 31 พฤษภาคมเวลา 10.00 น.
Computex 2017 - ASRock prezinta placi de baza Intel X299 si AMD X399 - lab501
2017년 5월 31일 AMD는 The Westin Taipei Hotel에서 AMD COMPUTEX 2017 Press Conference를 진행하였습니다. 해당 행사는 라이브 스트리밍으로 온라인을 통해 생중계 되었으며, 2017년 RYZEN 출시와 함께 시장에서 영향력을 넓혀가고 있는 AMD의 신제품들이 공개될 것이라는 소식에 많은 취재진들이 몰려들었습니다. AMD
Computex 2017 - ASRock prezinta placi de baza Intel X299 si AMD X399 - lab501
Computex 2017 AMD Press Conference LIVE
 · Catch it LIVE at 10am (GMT +9) on 31 May 2017. What will AMD be announcing ? Are you expecting more details of the ThreadRipper 16c/32t processor’s availability, pricing and supporting products ? Watch it online. from #OCWorkbench – Computex Taipei 2017
,其中有 Ryzen 3,我們再有機會與 Lisa Su 閒聊。 Ryzen,公司 2017 年有望轉虧為 …