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Reorganization of inter‐chromosomal interactions in the 2q37‐deletion syndrome | The EMBO Journal

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“2q37” identifies a specific bit of DNA: the 37th set of bands at the tip of the long (“q”) arm of chromosome 2. Deletions are cases when genetic information has been missed out. In Sacha’s particular case, around 6 million base pairs are missing. The effects of
Reorganization of inter‐chromosomal interactions in the 2q37‐deletion syndrome | The EMBO Journal

Chromosome 2q37 deletion: clinical and molecular …

 · Chromosome 2q37 deletion: clinical and molecular aspects. Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet. 2007; 145C(4):357-71 (ISSN: 1552-4876) Falk RE; Casas KA Terminal deletions of chromosome 2 with breakpoints at or within band 2q37, ranging from visible
Reorganization of inter‐chromosomal interactions in the 2q37‐deletion syndrome | The EMBO Journal

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Chromosome 2q37 deletion syndrome should be considered in the differential diagnosis of patients presenting with AHO features, especially in the presence of facial dysmorphism. When patients are suspected of having a 2q37 deletion, high-resolution cytogenetic analysis is recommended.
Reorganization of inter‐chromosomal interactions in the 2q37‐deletion syndrome | The EMBO Journal
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We propose that deletion of the distal portion of the long arm of chromosome 2 (2q37) may be associated with some cases of autism and with a distinct phenotype. Increased awareness of the dysmorphic features associated with 2q37 deletions may aid in the molecular genetic analysis of this chromosome anomaly and clarify its relationship with autism.
Array-CGH in patients with Kabuki-like phenotype: Identification of two patients with complex rearrangements including 2q37 deletions and no other ...

Genotype-Phenotype Correlation of 2q37 Deletions Including …

 · PDF 檔案on chromosome 2q37.1, is a molecule that regulates endochondral ossification of the cartilaginous growth plate and 2q37.1 deletion of 1.9 Mb, while Patient 2 has a 2q37.1q37.3 deletion of 4.5 Mb associated with a Marfan-like phenotype. We discuss the
(PDF) Prenatal diagnosis of microdeletion 16p13.11 combination with partial monosomy of 2q37.1-qter and partial trisomy of 7p15.3-pter in a fetus ...

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2q37 deletion syndrome is a disorder caused by the deletion of a small piece of chromosome 2 in which one or more of 3 sub-bands, 2q37.1, 2q37.2, and 2q37.3, of the last band of one of the chromosome 2’s long arms are deleted. The first report of this disorder
Severe growth hormone deficiency and pituitary malformation in a patient with chromosome 2p25 duplication and 2q37 deletion | Molecular ...
chromosome 2q37 deletion syndrome
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In addition, she had a terminal deletion of the long arm of chromosome 2, with a breakpoint of 2q37.1. The patient died following a cardiac arrest at 90 days of age. No cause of death was identified at autopsy.
Fryns syndrome phenotype caused by chromosome microdeletions ...

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 · PDF 檔案2q37缺失癥候群 Chromosome 2q37 Deletion Syndrome Feingold氏癥候群第一型 Feingold syndrome 1 (FGLDS1) Glass氏癥候群 Glass Syndrome (GLASS) 前腦發育畸形癥第二型 Holoprosencephaly 2 (HPE2) 前腦發育畸形癥第六型 Mowat-Wilson 嬰兒重
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2q37 deletion syndrome is caused by a deletion of genetic material near the end of the long (q) arm of chromosome 2, at a location designated 2q37. The signs and symptoms of this condition vary widely, but affected individuals generally have intellectual disability, behavioral problems, obesity, and skeletal abnormalities that often include unusually short fingers and toes (brachydactyly).
Frontiers | A Case of 22q11 Deletion Syndrome (22q11DS) with a Panayiotopoulos Epileptic Pattern: Are Additional Copy-Number Variations a Possible ...

Chromosome 2p16.1-p15 deletion syndrome / 2p16.1-p15

 · PDF 檔案*Chromosome 2q37 microduplication syndrome/ 2q37 擴增癥候群 Chromosome 3pter-p25 deletion syndrome / 3pter-p25缺失癥候群 *Chromosome 3q13.31 deletion syndrome / 3q13.31缺失癥候群
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Chromosome 2q37 deletion: clinical and molecular aspects. Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet 2007; 145C:357. Galasso C, Lo-Castro A, Lalli C, et al. Deletion 2q37: an identifiable clinical syndrome with mental retardation and autism. J Child Neurol 2008
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Prenatal diagnosis of partial monosomy 2q (2q37.3→qter) …

 · Introduction Chromosome 2q37 deletion syndrome, or Albright hereditary osteodystrophy-like syndrome and brachydactyly-mental retardation syndrome [Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) 600430] is caused by deletion of haploinsufficiency of the HDAC4 gene (OMIM 605314) which is located at 2q37.3, and manifests highly variable clinical features included brachydactyly type E, short …
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2q35 Deletion
 · Our son Andrew, the almost 1 year old, was diagnosed with a band deletion on chromosome 2: 2q35 deletion. According to the geneticist, he is the first person to be documented with this deletion. So we do not have have any information to review to predict any sort of development.